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Karen Tate ~ Goddess Spirituality Author

October 24, 2023 Sheena Cundy
The Witch Wavelength
Karen Tate ~ Goddess Spirituality Author
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Show Notes

Trail blazing author,  podcaster and speaker on Goddess Spirituality, Karen Tate, joins Sheena for a candid conversation on the magic of Goddess.
Growing up in the United States bible belt of the deep south, Karen was conditioned to think that racism and sexism were 'normal'. Until she discovered the sacred feminine, and Goddess spirituality became the driving force of her life.
This has especially fueled her writing, and now her seventh book, Normalizing Abuse
is out to do the work of redressing the balance of trauma caused by abuse and exploitation experienced by so many women in the world today.
It's important work that can only be done well by those who have experienced this kind of abuse and who've worked on healing themselves in the process. And as Karen says, 'It's still a work in progress.'
A fascinating chat with another inspirational guest who knows what she's talking about!

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