The Witch Wavelength

Mariëlle S. Smith - The Wordsmith Witch

November 02, 2022 Sheena Cundy
The Witch Wavelength
Mariëlle S. Smith - The Wordsmith Witch
Show Notes

Episode 18
Entrepreneur, Mariëlle S. Smith, is a writer, editor, and writing coach. She divides her time between running her business and her volunteer work with stray cats at her home in Cyprus.
Mariëlles's spirituality and love for cats have led to a natural ability to communicate with the souls of these animals and heal between the worlds. She is also a reiki master and an akashic records and tarot reader. 
Fascinated with language, words, and the magical arts, it's no wonder that the creative gifts of witchery have found their way into Mariëlle's life!

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