The Witch Wavelength

Ash Mandrake - Bard & Mad Hatter

October 20, 2022 Sheena Cundy
The Witch Wavelength
Ash Mandrake - Bard & Mad Hatter
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Show Notes

Episode 17
Talented musician, songwriter, storyteller and maker of hats...Ash Mandrake from Manchester, describes how magic expresses itself in his life.
Find out why Stella the dog features in a song, what Ash's creative process looks like, and how growing pumpkins helped him leave a boozy past behind.
A  fun-filled chat, full of merriment, music and magic!

Featured songs:
Yuletide Song  & My Mouse Snores from the Magic Path album
Pumpkin Brains from the Barons & Bananas album

Buy Ash's music & story collections:
Ash Mandrake's Music Page

Find out more:
The Ash Mandrake Website

Contact Ash:
Personal Facebook page

Mandrake Hats page

Morrigans Path  upcoming gig:
Samhain Witches Ball - Saturday Oct 29th

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Intro & outro music: The Madness & the Magic - Morrigans Path
Recorded and produced by Ian Cundy.
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