The Witch Wavelength

#10 Daniel Allison - Bard & Warrior

June 20, 2022 Sheena Cundy
The Witch Wavelength
#10 Daniel Allison - Bard & Warrior
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Show Notes

Daniel Allison is a USA Today bestselling author, oral storyteller and creative coach from Scotland.  Recently returned from living in Thailand, he recalls what drew him to the bardic path, how his passion for Muay Thai boxing sustains him, and why following his bliss has become the story of his life.
Sheena and Daniel discuss their mutual love for the Celtic battle goddess, the Morrigan,  the warrior archetype and of course...the magic of story.

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Intro & outro music: The Madness & the Magic - Morrigans Path
Recorded and produced by Ian Cundy.
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